Get paid for a survey

One of the way to make money in Egypt is to sign up for PaidViewpoint portal. The website provides surveys about almost every part of life. It takes only few  minutes everyday to fill the survey.

The most important to get paid for the surveys is to be honest and to do not give up! At the begin you make very small amount of money, but if you are filling the survey according to the truth you make your TraitScore higher. When you are in the fair level with your TraitScore you will make more money for every survey (max $2) and you will get more surveys.

Extra option for making money on PaidViewpoint is inviting your friends to join. With every friend who sign up for paid survey from your invitiation you can make up to $25 extra.

When your income reach $15 you can always ask to get paid. All payments are made by paypal so you will need paypal account. Do not worry it is free!

It is very important to give the correct data about yourself from the begin. It is possible that if you will change your paypall account, email or telephone number you loose all the money you make.

Let me tell you something: sign up and just give a try. You have nothing to loose!


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