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What is SEO and why you need it?

Did your hear people talking about SEO and you wonder what is that thing and why they are so crazy about it? We will gladly help you to understand. (more…)

Real Estate website

5 elements Real Estate website should have

First of all you should realize who you is your website visitors. Real Estate website target people interested in renting and buying properties. The most important part than is to let the visitors find what they are looking for. (more…)


5 parts great websites should have

Don’t you want to have a great website? The one that will convert online visitors into a customers? Than read carefully what every great website should have (or just order one 😉 ). Great websites are our specialty! (more…)

how to write contact us page

How to write CONTACT US page?

CONTACT US page is definitely the most important page in the whole website. What for you need a website if the visitors interested in your work will not be able to contact you? Al hamdu lilah it is not difficult to write a CONTACT US page, but there is few points you should keep in mind.


how to write about us page

How to write ABOUT US page

About us page is one of the key pages that should be present on every business website. As the name say ABOUT US include the information about the company. You could thing there is nothing more easy than that, but how to write ABOUT US page that will convert visitors into customers? Read up, we have clues to help you out. (more…)

change text on website - step 3

5 steps to change text on website (joomla)

How many times did you see a typo on your website? None? Than check it carefully one more time. I see hundreds on those in the web every day. Some time  it is small spelling mistake in meaningless word, other time a letter changing the whole paragraph or misspelled company name. Yes, the last one I really saw as well. (more…)

make money in Egypt

Get paid for a survey

One of the way to make money in Egypt is to sign up for PaidViewpoint portal. The website provides surveys about almost every part of life. It takes only few  minutes everyday to fill the survey. (more…)

Invest in yourself

I guess many of us wonder where and how to invest and do not loose. First rule – INVEST IN YOURSELF. (more…)

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